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*flops on Lady.* owo
Tue Oct 7, 2014, 10:56 AM
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Time for a Kiriban! 

3 deviants said Good luck!
1 deviant said Since I like interesting numbers there's gonna be two.
1 deviant said If no one gets right on the dot, next closest gets it.
No deviants said 30,000
No deviants said and 33,333


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This meme is simple! Each number has a truth or a dare. Flip a coin (yes, the old fashioned decision maker). Heads is truth, tails is dare, and then give us a snippet about your character spilling their beans or engaging in some embarrassing daring-dos.



    1)       TRUTH : Do you still have a security blanket or a stuffed animal you sleep with? Tell us about it.

"Well. Ah still hae a few o' them. Ah kinnae sleep wi'h oo' me stuffed Skiddo Ah go' when Ah was a wee lad. The others are in me close' nearby. Jus' in case." Laughs nervously and rubs the back of his head. Needless to say he doesn't mention that there are TEN others in the closet. "An' when Ah was a lad Ah used tae crawl in wi'h Tag if Ah go' tae scared a' nigh'. Sae he's...sor' o' a security blanke' as well, Ah suppose." Also fails to mention that he horns in on Tag's bed now as an adult if he gets lonely.


    2)  DARE: Act out a scene from your favorite episode of a TV show. Verbatim.   

  "Er. Ah suppose there's show Ah watch called Big Bang Theory. Wha's the line Ah'm lookin' for....the character, Sheldon is in a ball pi' an' all an'....hmm...." Starts to think for a bit to remember it before his face lights up. Starts acting like he's crawling around in a ball pit occasionally popping up to shout "BAZINGA!" and throwing in the occasional shout of "AH'M WARNIN' YE, GE' OO' O' THA' BALL PI'!" and then acts like he's both people, crawling around and popping up then reverting back to the character of Leonard who's trying to root Sheldon out. He finally busts out laughing and stops. "Yeah, Ah don' remember the full scene, bu' tha's the basic jist o' it."

    3)    DARE: Go out into town and shake it like a Polaroid picture! Yeah, right there, right in public! Work it, babe.    

 Feeling very much as though he was about to make a name for himself in Raccalto, Lets stands in the middle of the street with a bag of prop groceries. Once he feels as though the time is right he tosses them into the air and rips off his tearaway shirt and pants to reveal a white tank top and traditional kilt complete with hose and flashes. Boy that must have been hard to wear all curled up under those baggy tearaway pants...Without further ado he laid down two "swords" (sticks) on the ground and began to perform a Scottish sword dance around them to music coming from the phone in his sporran. Once the music was done, he gave a bow to the startled shoppers lined up and down the street, picked up the sticks and tearaway clothing before marching home with his head held high.

    4)   DARE: Call up someone, anyone, and sing an eighties song with no warning beforehand.  

  After a few minutes of searching through his long list of his favorite 80's songs, he felt as though he finally found the right one. This would be the perfect change to call up Jam and serenade her with a corny love song, after all! The goat went straight to his recent contacts, tapped on the name and put the phone up to his floppy ear. It rang twice then someone picked up, so without further ado he started belting out the words to "Don't You Want Me" by The Human League. He took great care to make sure the popular chorus was sung to perfection and even used a higher pitched voice for the part where it was a woman singing. Finally he finished and waited, catching his breath. To his horror, a brusque Scottish male began laughing uproariously at him on the other end. He had called his brother on accident...

    5)    DARE: Mimic the actions of someone you know for a day.

  Seems like the gods must hate him, because Lets was out and about to do another dare. Today, since he failed so hard with serenading his lovely buggy lady, he was following her around instead! Granted he was confusing her to death by following her around and doing everything she was doing...after an hour of confusion he cracked and explained the situation to her. Seemed like the poor woman had already been subjected to this Truth or Dare torture herself! After she was done with her chores (they took twice as long since Lets was having to mimic her and did not know how to care for sheep very well) he suggested doing something he could easily mimic. Thus a very odd picnic was had on the beach.

    6)    DARE: Speak in Ye Olde English Verse for  your next conversation. 

  This wasn't going to be much worse than how he normally spoke, but he would give it a shot. Once again feeling like inflicting his terror upon the townsfolk, Lets wandered into a store in Raccalto. As he burst through the door, he looked around, spotted a shop keeper and declared "Ne'er fear! For Ah, the Skiddo Knight, hae been sen' tae defendeth yer kingdom! Hath ye anywhere Ah kin se' up me keep tae defendest....thou from...thine dragon scourge?!" Once he was sure everyone in the store was staring at him, he promptly rushed to the back of the store and set up a fort out of bags of miltank feed. Every time someone came close to the lumpy stronghold he would should "Hal'! Who goeth there?!" Any time a person came in followed by their pet he would declare that "The dragon approacheth!" and would lure the dog away with treats much to the amusement/confusion of the owner. When someone came in with their toddler he would dub them his squire and help the parent shop by embarking on a quest through the store to rescue the "prince" or "princess", aka, mom or dad. Finally getting his fill of the shenanigans after an hour or so, the shop keeper scolded Lets into putting his fort back onto the shelves and kicked him out. It was only after he was kicked out that he remembered he was supposed to only speak in Olde English for the next conversation...not the entirety of a few hours with numerous people.


    7)       TRUTH:  What is one food you would never eat, even if you were paid?

Flops out of his chair in relief "Och, finally...another truth...." Gets back in the interrogation chair he just vacated. "Ah would hae tae say tha' Ah would ne'er eat meat. Or any protein o' the sor' really. Does nae si' well in me system." 


    8)      DARE: Eat a bug in the dark. Mmm, terrifying.

  Not sure what he did to incur the wrath of the coin gods, Lets was sitting on his front porch as it began to get dark. He vaguely recalled just saying that he would never eat any sort of protein and found it HIGHLY ironic that this was his next dare. So involved in his grumping and musings was he that he did not realize a wee venomoth was about to land on him. The instant it did, however, he let out a manly shriek and hopped up, dancing around the yard until the little thing fell off. Once freed of the buggy terror, he promptly scaled a tree and stayed in it until Tag came stomping out of the house and told him to ge' his fanny oo' o' the tree and get inside for dinner. Needless to say, Tag had slipped a small criketune into the food he served Lets...


    9)      DARE: Do someone else’s job for a day! Just show up and get to work.

Feeling very much like he needed to make some offerings to the Harvest Goddess so she wouldn't hate him anymore, Lets appeared bright and early on Jam's ranch. Hyped up on coffee, the Skiddo promptly went about trying to herd and brush the mareep just as Jam had done the other day. Needless to say he had much explaining to do when the Shelmet lady came outside and found that somehow all the sheep and her dearest Skiddo had somehow ended up on top of the barn.



    10)   DARE: Take a three inch high action figure. Then please stick it up your nose. Thank you.

  "Wha' did Ah dae tae deserve this?!" Lets was sitting in the chair he had set aside in the hopes that he would get more truths than this, a little three inch statuette of the Harvest Goddess shoved up his nose. Not that he had ANYTHING against the goddess after this...interesting turn of events, but it was the only little figure he had laying around. No doubt he would just incur her wrath later on down the road because of this. "Ah swear, the nex' time someone wan's tae play this wi'h me they'll ge' a frank n...n....n....ACHOO!!!" And there went the figure, flying across the room and out an open window. "...ah'm gonna take a nap."



  Great, you made it! Alive, in one piece. Your body that is, we’re not so sure about your pride. Now, time to inflict pass this on to someone else! 

"Ah wouldn' wish this upon me wors'....Tag'll dae it!"
HPM: Truth or Dare Meme: Lets
Either my quarter is rigged or someone up there really doesn't want Lets to behave like a normal human being. This was..way more fun than I thought it would be, especially since he got so many dares. XD

Word count for my typing: 1337 (oh my leet...)

Thanks to the minds behind this silly meme. Including me I guess. XD




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