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*flops on Lady.* owo
Tue Oct 7, 2014, 10:56 AM
Sun Jun 22, 2014, 6:48 PM
Thu May 8, 2014, 8:22 PM

Time for a Kiriban! 

3 deviants said Good luck!
1 deviant said Since I like interesting numbers there's gonna be two.
1 deviant said If no one gets right on the dot, next closest gets it.
No deviants said 30,000
No deviants said and 33,333


House Shape Options by VerdantFury
House Shape Options
These are simply the little examples I've made of what your house can look like~ There are standard ones and the ones shaped odd if you're into that sort of thing. Can be flipped around or turned 90 degrees in different angles.

Housing Outside of Revolution Town by VerdantFury
Housing Outside of Revolution Town
What? You mean there's a whole island outside of the town?! Well for those of you that didn't bother looking at the full blown map of Revolution Island....surprise! Here are four more areas outside of the town where your pirate may reside.

The housing for these areas is as follows:

(clockwise from top-left)
For all you scurvy dogs who can't stand to be away from the sea and all her delights (like how salt peels paint), maybe the beach district is the best for you! Watch out for those hurricanes~ ;D

Residents of the homes:

b1- ?
b2- ?
b3- ?
b4- ?
b5- ?
b6- ?
b7- ?
b8- ?
b9- Valdos
b10- ?
b11- ?
b12- ?
b14- Remy
b15- Sheska
b16- Stephano
b17- ?
b18- ?
b19- ?
b20- ?
b21- ?
b22- ?
b23- ?
b24- ?
b25- Sam

For those of you that prefer the serenity of having your own forest getaway, you should probably move in here. No close neighbors to worry about, but you do have a trek to get to town. Give and take!

Residents of the homes:

f1- Yao, Alexis and Angela
f2- ?
f3- ?
f4- Danya
f5- ?
f6- Zorian
f7- ?
f8- ?
f9- Tristan
f10- ?
f11- ?
f12- Banshee

Easily the biggest area for living, the outskirts of the forest still have easy access to the river, the town, AND the woods. The only downside is that neighbor who doesn't believe in clothing or curtains...

Residents of the homes:

o1- Lea and Danny
o2- ?
o3- ?
o4- ?
o5- ?
o6- ?
o7- Tanya
o8- ?
o9- ?
o10- ?
o11- ?
o12- ?
o13- ?
o14- ?
o15- ?
o16- ?
o17- ?
o18- ?
o19- ?
o20- ?
o21- ?
o22- ?
o23- ?
o24- ?
o25- ?
o26- ?
o27- ?
o28- ?
o29- ?
o30- ?
o31- ?
o32- ?

This area is home to many small ponds that are too miniscule to be seen on the map! (Or at least that's my excuse.) Perfect for relaxing summer nights listening to the politoads and watching illumise and volbeat fluttering about.

p1- ?
p2- ?
p3- ?
p4- ?
p5- ?
p6- ?
p7- ?
p8- ?
p9- ?
p10- ?
p11- Addison
p12- ?
p13- Astral
p14- ?
p15- ?
p16- ?
p17- ?
p18- ?
p19- ?
p20- Diana
p21- ?
p22- ?
p23- ?
p24- ?
p25- ?
p26- ?
p27- ?
p28- ?
p29- ?

Revolution Town and Town Housing by VerdantFury
Revolution Town and Town Housing
Here it is, the not so bustling town of Revolution! Granted it could use some love and some...really hard work, it's still home! All of the buildings that are outlined are places of business that your character may eventually work for. The supply shed is for the fishermen as are the small boats. All of the non-outlined buildings are townsfolk housing or other storage or abandoned buildings. Maybe one day Revolution will outgrow this little area and have to expand across the river, but for now this will do~

The housing for this area is as follows:

These are the best homes for those of you that love the hustle and bustle (or lack there of) from a town. Best of all, if you want to work in a more town based profession these are the easiest houses to live in for that!

Residents of the homes:

1t- Rowland, Celleigh, Harellan
2t- ?
3t- ?
4t- ?
5t- ?
6t- ?
7t- ?
8t- ?
9t- Cuthbert
10t- ?

For those of you that still want the convenience of a close to town home, but without all the noise these would be perfect. You can hear the fish splashing in the river and have a great view of that giant purple house down the way. Wow!

Residents of the homes:

1R- Evan
2R- ?
3R- ?
4R- ?
5R- Rovric
6R- ?
7R- ?
8R- ?
9R- Lydia
10R- Liza
11R- ?
12R- ?
13R- ?
14R- Jonas

Faeore the Head Entertainer by VerdantFury
Faeore the Head Entertainer
- NAME: Faeore
- AGE: 26
- BIRTHDATE: July 23rd
- GENDER: Female
- HEIGHT: 5'2" (not including antlers, 5'10" w/ antlers)
- WEIGHT: 117
- EYE COLOR: Brown
- MISC. FEATURES: Markings of both of her species, scar on her chest, flowers and leaves in her hair are natural
- POKEMON SPECIES: Sawsbuck/ Stantler
- FLEET/CAPTAIN: None, owns her own business.

Fae was born and abandoned like many of her hybrid brothers and sisters that she gained living as a gypsy. Her parents weren't married and couldn't risk their families finding out about their failure of a child. She was brought up among the gypsies, her primary caretaker being her adopted big brother, Toma. After many years in the camp, her big brother taught her all she needed to know about living as a successful gypsy...before leaving shortly after her first evolution. Fae was heartbroken, but was kept in good spirits by her many friends in the camp.

When she was old enough, Fae left the camp and began some travels of her own. She was led to a place in particular called Lilycove as her brother had mentioned it several times in letters. There she made several friends, such as a man who used to know her brother and another man whom she fell in love with. The woman also began running into a priest who was determined to bring her to God and end her gypsy ways. She had many adventures such as evolving, finding a job at a jewelers, getting forced into becoming a nun and making the trip to an oriental island by becoming a stowaway. Once she realized she would never be free in Lilycove, Fae left the town behind, as well as her friends and lover with naught but a note explaining her departure.

She traveled the country with a familiar band of gypsies until their lives led them to the island of Revolution. Due to her experience with dancing and drawing a crowd, the gypsies put her at their head and began to work under her. Eventually a deity moved to the island as well and Fae was able to save up some coin to visit him with. A few payments and some free dancing lessons later and she had become a less obvious hybrid. Now she's happily settled in to her new life on the island and looking forward to expanding her number of employees.

- ACCESSORIES: An emerald ring, a few select bangles, several earrings, and a few anklets. A short poncho-like cloak. Her own personal coin purse.

Misc. Info:

- Likes the color green adorned with gold. Does not have to be real gold or the metal gold.
- Most of her jewelery is actually gold plated. She hates shelling money out on the real deal.
- Has a pet Mareep named Djoi.
- Fae loves to go out barefoot due to the fact that the bottoms of her feet are hardened like hooves. This helps draw a crowd when dancing.
- Actually despises shoes.
- The palms of her hands have slightly harder skin as well, but not as hard as her feet.

Lets, go to the Safari Zone 2 by VerdantFury
Lets, go to the Safari Zone 2
Welp, looks like the Zorua took pity on our fairy goat man and decided to come home with him, so long as it meant more fresh berries and a warm place to stay. I'd like to welcome Chester to Lets' motley crew of misfits. :dummy:



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lawl idk

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Hey Hey~

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 3, 2015, 9:28 AM

It's almost time for my 30,000 Kiriban! Keep your eyeballs peeled~ And don't forget there's another one at 33,333.

In other news I might be hopping on the adoptable bandwagon soon with a few species of my own. I don't really expect them to do too good, but we'll see what happens. Either way I know I'll love drawing them and it'll give me more experience in doing so, so....yeah why not?

I'm trying to buy a house and keep a group super for chrissakes, so it wouldn't kill me to try. XDDD

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